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For more than 30 years now Socim has been providing sustainable heating, ventilation and fire protection solutions to partners in the services sector and the industry.

Using our extraordinary know-how, we help your company implement climate and fire protection applications tailored to your needs. Lots of large and small companies rely on our services for their buildings.

Discover our high-quality service on this web site. Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have. Our experts will gladly help you.

Socim is the preferred partner of Philips, Federa, Cora, C&A, Marca Aplody, Oki Doki, Delhaize, Cinta, WE, Bastos, GB, St. Exupéry – Evere Park, Breughel Park Zellik, Aurore Park Anderlecht, Elektrische Centrale Peronnes, Solvay Brussel, Caterpillar Gosselies, UCB Pharma, Manhattan Center, Sheraton Hotel, Tulip Inn Hotel, Europa Hotel, ACCOR Group Sofitel Hippopotamus, Banksys, CES-CDR, Peugeot-Citroën en Eurostation, among others.